Community Letter Christmas Update

Dear St. John Paul II School Community,

As the Christmas season graces us with its joy, I am thrilled to share highlights from our vibrant school community. Recent events have not only showcased the incredible talents of our students, but also celebrated the dedication and spirit that define our school.

The Concerts for Advent and Christmas, the Art Show, and Lessons and Carols were nothing short of spectacular. Our students’ talents continue to shine brightly, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Our kitchen project, spearheaded by Robert B. Our Company, Inc., along with our maintenance team, is progressing swiftly. We eagerly anticipate the completion of this project, which promises to elevate our school facilities and enhance the overall student experience.

Our winter sports season is in full swing, with athletes embracing the challenges and thrills of the season. The precision of our hockey team taking the ice, exceptional teamwork on the basketball court with added excitement from our Prep cheer team, the grace of our swim team navigating the pool waters, and the enduring spirit of our winter track team—each sporting endeavor is a testament to the dedication and sportsmanship of our students.

Our school leaders recently engaged in a session with Dr. Molly McMahon from Boston College, shaping our school’s approach to Social Emotional Learning and reaffirming our commitment to the holistic development and well-being of our students.

During the Advent season, it is heartening to see students engaged in service projects throughout the Cape Cod community, and the Senior Social Justice Advocacy Projects remind us to recognize and address the needs of others, as Jesus has taught us. Additionally, the Mass for Women, sponsored by the JPII Parent Partnership Council, our Mass for the Immaculate Conception, and our Advent prayer services remind us that faith is the heart of our community.

As we approach the conclusion of the year, I encourage you to consider contributing to our Blue & Gold Annual Fund through year-end giving. Your support will play a crucial role in sustaining these initiatives and fostering continued growth and excellence in our school.

May the spirit of Christmas fill your homes with warmth, love, and the joy of community.

In Christ,

Phil VanDenBrink