2022-2023 Blue & Gold Annual Fund Donors (as of 11/16/2022): Thank You for Your Critical Support!
Goal $115,000
The JPII Blue & Gold Annual fund provides essential resources that support financial aid, academic programs, arts, athletics, and campus ministry. JPII provides a culture and environment where students can flourish in all dimensions of their growth and maturity. Please support our unique and beautiful mission.
2022-23 Blue & Gold Annual Fund Chairpersons

Joe and Laurie Anastos, P ’20, ’22

Dear Friends,

Maturity. It’s what we seek to instill in students as they grow through their years at St. John Paul II School. It’s what we see in ourselves, too. Founded in 1996 and 2007, St. John Paul II School is maturing institutionally, as the school’s reputation, accomplishments, and graduated alums and families accrue. Not a new school nor an especially young school any longer, JPII has achieved a position to make an even more significant impact on students, families, and the broader Cape community. 

Blue & Gold 2021-2022 Annual Fund Chairpersons Michael ’13 and Rachael ’12 Doyle have seen this first hand. As alums and older siblings of JPII students, Michael and Rachael have traced the school’s growth through achievements and increasing impact. In their words, “We’re from the founding years and take great pride in seeing our beautiful young school mature into an essential part of the Cape educational landscape. As alumni and donors, we experienced firsthand the school’s impact on our personal lives and professions. We ask you to join us in investing in the JPII experience today and supporting what it will become tomorrow.” 

While many schools were partially or fully remote the past eighteen months, students, faculty members, and staff members at JPII achieved entirely in-person education throughout, a benefit that families will not soon forget. Not surprisingly, friends and families helped the school achieve its best-ever Blue & Gold Annual Fund results. Your faithful generosity to the Blue & Gold Annual Fund is the backbone that enables JPII to keep private, Catholic education affordable and first-rate, and enables the school to confidently tackle new, robust initiatives. 

At this formative time in the school’s growth, please join Michael, Rachael, and many others by making your gift today.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher W. Keavy