Students may enroll in online courses that provide college credit or take courses at local colleges and universities, including Cape Cod Community College. Students who complete these courses will receive high school credit on their JPII transcripts and college credit from the chosen institution.

As a further option, St. John Paul II has partnered with Stonehill College to offer select 100- and 200-level courses, taught by Stonehill College faculty, and offered at JPII for JPII students.

In the Fall semester, Introduction to Digital Media Production, a 200-level course, will present video principles and elements: camera, lighting, direction, editing, sound, and practice in video composition.

In the Spring semester, students may select Critical Introduction to Criminal Justice, which offers an introduction to the major institutions of criminal justice from a social scientific perspective. This course examines the structure and operation of police, courts, and corrections. Theories and concepts of sociology and other disciplines will be used to describe the workings of the criminal justice system and raise questions for critical analysis.