Twenty-six Students Present at Science Fair

Total of 26 projects: Pre-AP Biologists (freshmen and some sophomores) as a part of the class curriculum and upperclassmen students who choose to participate.

  • The JPII Science Fair allows students first-hand experience with experimental design, peer review, and independent research.
  • Along with the Pre-AP curriculum (CollegeBoard), it motivates students to be active participants in analyzing real-world phenomena and to collaborate productively with their peers in dialogue, investigations, and problem-solving.

The top projects from our local fair are eligible to participate at the Southeast Regional Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, March 4, 2023, at Bridgewater State University. There, students will meet other high school science fair participants from across the region and have the opportunity to be judged by science progressions from all over the state. Students who place at the regional level will qualify to attend the MA State Science and Engineering Fair at MIT in May.

2023 Program

Abstracts Booklet

Top Three Projects

  1. Alek M-Borkowski ‘26: Can Superworms Survive on a Diet with Polystyrene?
  2. Oliver Affonso ‘26: What Effects do Acidic, Basic, and Neutral Liquids on the Structure of Bones?
  3. Olivia Evans ‘26: Stabilizers’ Effect on Chlorinated Pool Water

Regionals Qualifiers (in addition to the top 3)

  • Mugsy Batchelder ‘24: White Nose Syndrome Investigation
  • Nora Bruinooge ‘25: Do Soil Nitrogen Levels Influence a Tomato’s pH?
  • Anna Schlegel ‘26: Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium in Fertilizers
  • Sophie Philbrick ‘26: Lung Capacity and Heart Rate of Conditioned vs Unconditioned Athletes
  • Harry Baroni ‘26: Growth of Rapid Fescue vs Fescue Grass Seed
  • Ava Todd ‘26: How Temperature Affects Battery Life
  • Leah McManus ‘26: Does the Color of Honey Affect its Glucose Level?


September Brainstorming and Research
October Experimental Design and Research Plan
November – January Experimentation and Data Analysis
February Science Fair Presentation
March Final Research Paper

Thank you to the judges who donated their time!


Dr. Jesse Affonso
Dr. James Boyle
Dr. Kevin Bresnahan
Dr. Deb Foschi
Shannon Gilliland
John Hufnagle
Richard Kenyon
Kevin Keras
George Killian
Dr. Mark Loewen
Betsy O’Brien
Jim Remillard
Meg Wile