Twenty Questions: PJ Lawson

Barnstable Patriot photo

Whether he’s playing midfield for the St. John Paul II soccer team, firing home long shots for the Lions basketball team, or handling the long stick with the lacrosse team, Patrick “P. J.” Lawson usually finds himself in the middle of things athletically.

Although he has been an all-star on the soccer team as well as a top performer with the basketball squad, it is the sport of lacrosse which has been his favorite — thanks to a long lineage within his family.

His dad Patrick played lacrosse at Union College, while his mom Erin O’Leary Lawson played Division 1 college lacrosse, as did his aunt Megan O’Leary, who was an All-American goalie.

“Lacrosse is like a mix of all of my favorite sports,” Lawson said. “I never played football, but I like the physicality (lacrosse) brings. It’s fast like soccer, and it’s really more a skill game than anything else.”

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