Host An International Student

Our international students are in need of warm and nurturing host families to support them during their time at JPII.  Please consider this enriching cultural exchange experience!

JPII partners with Cambridge Network and we are seeking support to help expand our host family community. We are in need of long-term host families who can be available to host our international students as hosting opportunities will continue to arise throughout the school year and summer.

-Speak English in the home
-3 meals per day
-A private bedroom
-Transportation to and from school

-Cultural exchange and lasting relationships
-Dedicated support staff and emergency support
-Host family training, webinars, and orientation
-Generous monthly stipend to offset costs

If you’re interested in this opportunity please complete Cambridge International’s Inquiry Form, or contact us at

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact Mona Lisa Valentino.  Thank you for considering this opportunity.