Alumni formalize as a group under the leadership of John Milligan ‘13.

Dear Alumni and Families of Alumni,

It is with great pleasure to announce the creation of an Alumni Network. The goal of this network is to facilitate communication between the school, our graduates, and
family of our graduates. We are at the point of development in the school to create this group to share information and create events for our former students, parents, and others who are interested in building the school. 

The creation of this network stemmed from a need highlighted by one of our graduates, John Milligan ‘13. John is a graduate of Holy Cross and is active in his career. He is networking with graduates, and we would like to expand our network to foster more involvement with our students and graduates. Many of you may have seen the strong bonds developed through Alumni associations of schools attended by your friends or alma maters for those who have graduated college. We have everything we need to build such an association here.     

Graduates Michael Doyle ‘13 and Kathleen Mason ‘14 are members of the Advisory Board, and the next logical step in the growth of our school is to formalize an Alumni Network. We would love to see our alumni community strengthened and utilize your ideas. Our alumni are young and energetic. I look forward to seeing the enthusiasm from this network grow and flourish to strengthen our school identity after graduation.      

Prayerfully consider sharing, talking, and joining with your former classmates to capture the energy of the Lion Pride! We are asking you to utilize your time, talent, treasure, and ideas to make the St. John Paul II experience even stronger for our current Lions.      

Please fill out the linked Google form as we formalize this Alumni Network. This will ensure that you receive up-to-date information and invitations. We have had several alumni reach out, and we look forward to the creativity and energy of our alumni. We need your help to make it successful. Feel free to email, call, or text to share ideas with us or John.
Go Lions!

With gratitude,

Jennifer Canzano
Advancement, P ’16, ’18

Be a Resource

St. John Paul II School invites you to serve as a resource for our students by sharing your time and talent with us. We appreciate your willingness to give back to JPII and value the opportunity to learn from you.  

If interested in learning more, please reach out to the Advancement Office.

Stop by and visit!

Each of you, whether SFXP, PJP, or SJP alums, have a special place in the story of our school. Come and visit this site often to share memories and make connections. Come and visit St. John Paul II School today to see how your legacy continues for current and future students. Stay connected!

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