2024 Blue & Gold Annual Fund Chairs

When we were first approached to chair the Blue and Gold Annual Fund campaign, we were honored and happily surprised. Over the past ten years, we have journeyed with St. John Paul II
School through many versions of itself, and yet our decision to give to the Annual Fund every year remains a very simple one. We have given and will always give each year to honor the students who walked the halls in the past, to provide for the students walking the halls today, and to ensure there will always be halls to walk for the students of the future.

We give for the past, the present, and the future of Cape Cod’s Catholic education.

Your contributions to the Annual Fund are utilized to provide immediate opportunities for the children currently at the school. They help to keep our buildings up-to-date and safe, and they help to keep our teachers trained with current technologies and provide them with cutting-edge resources. Most importantly, your gifts help to keep our teachers teaching here at St. John Paul II  School.  We hope you will join us in giving to this year’s Blue and Gold Annual Fund. Your support, large or small, one-time or recurring, shows your commitment not only to Catholic education but also to continuing the mission of St. John Paul II himself.

Gifts to the Blue & Gold Annual Fund also stretch beyond the school into the community at large by encouraging others to give. An engaged and supportive community is vital to the success of our school and a key indicator of a robust dedication to communicating Christ. Please join us as we continue to contribute to the young men and women of St. John Paul II School who will go forward, always able to call upon their faith, values, and education after high school to become our future leaders and change makers.

Give for the past, give for the present, and give for the future.

Kasey and James Boyle, P ‘20, ‘25, ‘27
2023-2024 Blue & Gold Annual Fund Chairs