20 Questions: Madi Doyle

Barnstable Patriot photo

When he makes out his lineup card for each game, St. John Paul II softball coach Mike Manley knows that senior Madi Doyle will be hitting in the leadoff spot. However, the position slot in the scorebook is continuously changing.

Sometimes she finds herself getting the ball to enter the pitching circle. At other times she’s relegated to an infield position, at either third base or shortstop. Then, when an outfielder is needed, she’s off to the outer pastures.

“She’s very versatile. She can catch, she can pitch, she can play any position. Right now, I need a centerfielder,” he said before a game earlier this week. “So, this is the first game I’m moving her to centerfield. She’s an excellent hitter, a great kid to coach, and she’s very cooperative.”

Cooperation has been a key ingredient to describe Madison Doyle as a softball player, dating back to when she first began playing the sport coached by her dad, Sean.

“He’s taught me a lot about hard work,” she said of her dad, who is a lieutenant with the Falmouth Police Department. “He’s been my coach since before high school and taught me that hard work and teamwork always pay off.”

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